Our team of Enterprise management incentives lawyers offers a transversal and tailor-made approach in matters of management incentives structuring and negotiation.

LERINS & BCW has developed recognized expertise in the setting up of incentives for managers in all kinds of circumstances: hiring and loyalty of managers, LBO, team motivation, etc.

LERINS & BCW has set up a specialized team with transversal competencies  covering all management incentives aspects (Corporate, Social, Tax). The firm can thus offer its clients a tailor-made approach to selecting and negotiating the most appropriate capital incentive tool.

Thanks to a a full and diversified practice, LERINS & BCW assists its clients in order to enable them to make relevant and efficient choices from a judicial, tax, accounting and managerial point of view during the structuring of their incentives for managers.

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Enterprise management incentives: our areas of intervention

  • Free shares, BSPCE, stock options
  • Preferred shares, BSA, ABSA, convertible bonds
  • Management companies
  • Personal taxation of beneficiaries
  • LBO/OBO patterns
  • Hiring, motivation, loyalty, employee valuation
  • Conception and presentation of profit-sharing plans
  • Negotiation and legal implementation of profit-sharing plans
  • Renegotiation of profit-sharing plans for executives
  • Employee compensation
  • International aspects of managements packages

Enterprise management incentives: our clients

  • Executives
  • Shareholders
  • Investors
  • SMEs and Mid-caps
  • Start-ups



Lerins accompagne Vivalto Santé

23 Feb 2023|Comments Off on Lerins accompagne Vivalto Santé

LERINS, conseil de VIVALTO SANTÉ, acteur majeur de l’hospitalisation en Europe et troisième groupe d’hospitalisation privée en France, a accompagné le groupe dans le cadre de son association avec le Centre d’Imagerie Médicale Sainte-Marie, situé dans le Val d’Oise (95).

Remote work in the European Union

18 Jan 2023|Comments Off on Remote work in the European Union

Article by Johann Sultan on the practice of remote work which is experiencing a real revival leading to a variety of relatively complex situations...