Our division specializing in Distribution assists its clients in choosing the product and service distribution that is the most appropriate to them according to their operations’ economic context and their considered operation modes (mail order, online sale, sales and purchasing organizations, etc.) and assists them in any eventual litigation procedures relating to their distribution network.

LERINS & BCW assists companies in the negotiation of their distribution contracts with their French of foreign trading partners and drafts all necessary documentation alongside of them.

The firm also assists them in the event of a breakdown of relations and litigation.

Distribution: our areas of intervention

  • Cooperation agreements
  • Distribution networks (licensing contracts, commercial agent contracts, selective distribution, franchise, etc.)
  • Listing agreements
  • Purchasing or sales Terms and Conditions
  • Unique general conventions
  • Breakdown of established trade relations litigation
  • Restrictive competitive practice litigation
  • Commercial contract termination litigation
  • Unfair competition litigation

Distribution: our clients

  • Mass distribution actors
  • Companies specializing in the distribution of medical devices
  • Catering companies
  • Exporting companies
  • Protocol distribution specialists
  • Online sales specialists
  • Start-ups


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