AVRIL & RAIS and LERINS acted alongside Auris Gestion in its sponsorless LBO.

Auris Gestion has assets under management of €3.3 billion and annual sales of around €25 million.

Following a buyout of AURIS GESTION by all of its current directors and managers, Auris joined forces with Andera Acto, the team in charge of sponsorless mezzanine financing at Andera Partners.

This sponsorless buyout reorganises the Auris Group’s shareholder structure and will enable the financing of the Group’s external growth operations.

The sponsorless financing of the transaction was also carried out by means of senior bank financing.

AVRIL & RAIS, represented by Matthieu Avril, Partner, acted on behalf of Auris Gestion, in particular to coordinate all the transactions and assist Auris in setting up the financing for the transaction.

LERINS assisted Auris Gestion with the corporate aspects of the LBO and the management package, with a team comprising Laurent Julienne, Partner, Yohann-David Saadoun, Counsel, and Julia André, Senior Lawyer.

OPERANDI, represented by Matthias Heyberger, Partner, advised Auris Gestion on the tax aspects of the transaction.

Andera Partners was represented by PIOTRAUT-GINE AVOCATS for the implementation of the sponsorless mezzanine financing, with a team composed of François Giné and Suzanne de Carvalho, Partners, and Myriam Zendjebil, Lawyer.

AGYLIS AVOCATS, composed of Frédéricque Milotic, Partner, Rabah Meddour, Lawyer, and Perrine Labrusse, was involved in setting up the senior financing.